ZeGreat Spice Detectives!

Super-Secret Agent Spices!

 by the Spice Secret Agents (oldest to youngest): Maorr (age 8), Ofri (age 8), Mathan (age 6), Aya (age 6),… [Read more]

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ZeFrozen Yogurt Close-Up

ZeBig Chill: A Zebra Investigates Freeze-Dried Fruit

by ZeBot Zebra One thing zebras know is that when we don’t know something we want to know, it’s time… [Read more]

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"Spike" by 
Emilio, age 5. Oakland

DooFy Farmers’ Market Veggie Creatures!

Looking for creative ways to showcase your farmers’ market finds? We’ve learned that a truly hands-on approach to food is… [Read more]

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Petting water buffalo is really fun!

Wonderful Water Buffaloes!

by Julianne, age 12 Today we got to see water buffaloes. The farm that we visited makes mozzarella cheese from… [Read more]

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Planet DOOF Rewards Program

Planet DOOF Rewards Program Encourages Leadership & Healthy Eating Habits!

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Planet DOOF: Now Launched & Coming to a School Near You!

Play Planet DOOF! Yesterday’s Planet DOOF Game launch event, aka Terrestrial Gastronomy, was a huge success. Thanks to the tremendous… [Read more]

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DooF Visits Pizzaiolo

DooF Visits Pizzaiolo

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