Addie with Grilled Cheese for DOOF

My Dad’s Grilled Cheese Happy Place

by Addie, age 10 1/2 You know that feeling of you just went to your happy place I get that… [Read more]

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Zebra Beach Picnic on Captiva Golf Course

ZeCaptiva Coconut Caper

When it comes to exploring, zebras (like kids) really know how to earn their stripes! My Uncle Zep (also known… [Read more]

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Kamola & ZeBot Hail to ZeKale

All About Osh

by Kamola, age 9 I want to share one of my family’s favorite food traditions–and one of my very favorite… [Read more]

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Introducing The Planet DOOF Educational Curriculum

Download five new lesson plans to supplement the Planet DOOF Game!

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Super-Healthy Snacks from a Junior Olympian!

by Kaela As a Junior Olympian water polo player, I need tons of healthy food to stay fueled up —… [Read more]

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ZeGreat Spice Detectives!

Super-Secret Agent Spices!

 by the Spice Secret Agents (oldest to youngest): Maorr (age 8), Ofri (age 8), Mathan (age 6), Aya (age 6),… [Read more]

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Planet DOOF Rewards Program

Planet DOOF Rewards Program Encourages Leadership & Healthy Eating Habits!

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Planet DOOF: Now Launched & Coming to a School Near You!

Play Planet DOOF! Yesterday’s Planet DOOF Game launch event, aka Terrestrial Gastronomy, was a huge success. Thanks to the tremendous… [Read more]

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