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DooF On Wheels is a new way to celebrate growers, chefs, purveyors and local food resources. DooF On Wheels uncovers the magic of food from source-to-table through videos and hands-on activities to bring good food fun to children and families. DooF On Wheels is kicking off its program with six new videos to accompany the DooF School Curriculum created with funding from the Alameda County Department of Public Health.

DooF visits the Blue House Farm in Pescadero to learn from Farmer Ned about the kinds of vegetables that grow underground. A furry four-legged friend leads the way as DooF Kids Haley, Rose, and Ulysse learn that radishes need to be harvested quickly, onions can be sweet, and beets can be bitter. Our source-to-table story continues at the Grand Lake Farmers’ Market in Oakland, where shoppers and growers share their fave ways to cook and figure out why the Eqyptians buried onions with their dead.

The first of our videos is Citrus On Fire (above). Here market goers offer their own “pithy” responses to questions like: “Do citrus fruits really have superpowers?” Citrus grower Didar Singh shares the fruits of his knowledge with the DooF Team, and Chef Olive from Kitchen On Fire helped the kids put it all together in a citrus salad accompanied by some delicious crepes.

In the second of our DooF On Wheels videos, Noodles Vs. Pasta, DooF attempts to settle one of the most important debates of our time: which is better, noodles or pasta? Those in the pasta camp can proudly point to a seemingly endless variety of shapes and sizes, while adherents to the doctrine of The Noodle (lat. noodelous goodemous) can point to a legacy of slurpability and delectability that dates back to the Great Wall.

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