Say (Goat) Cheese!

by Julianne, Age 9.

This story is all about my trip to a farm where they raise goats, then use the milk to make cheese.

My favorite two goats were #17 and #40. Because they went very close to me and I liked how they felt. One of them really liked me because she stood right next to me. There were two llamas. They were keeping an eye on the goats.

There was one goat named Elvis with hair like Beyonce’s.

I saw how they milked goats. I thought they did it by hand but they used a machine. I gasped when I saw it. They could milk 16 goats at a time!

Then the milk goes into this machine. We had to wear hairnets in the room. The milk goes into a big tankā€¦ you have to wait for 20 minutes and then they add cold water. It’s called pasteurization. They put it in a bag to get the ‘juice’ out. Then they let it sit for awhile. They use different shapes to make the cheese.

I got to shape and decorate some cheese all by myself. My favorite part was putting edible flowers on the cheese. I used pink, purple, orange and yellow. It looked fantastic!! And boys might think that’s cool.

It’s very hard to make cheese. Because you have to feed the goats, milk them and carry the milk.

At the store now I would think the cheese is coming from that farm.

7 responses to “Say (Goat) Cheese!

  1. Julianne, I think you show talent as a writer–just like your Mom. I’m glad you enjoyed the cute goats and the cheesemaking at the farm and really appreciate your sharing it. Anxious to see you soon. Love, Nana

  2. Julianne, I really liked your report, especially the parts where you placed edible flowers on the cheese as
    decorations and your big, happy smile in the last photo. love, Poppy

  3. I am the person who wrote the story. I am happy I did this goat story. I like the goats. I don’t want to bring one home because I think the goat’s going to eat everything and I already have a pet. It is a cat.

  4. Wow. Julianne, nice job. You have a future at Fox News. I had no idea goats were that fascinating. #17 and #40 are funny names. Be good.

  5. Hey Julianne! What a great job of reporting! You should wear that hair net more often it looks B-E-A-UTIFUL! Love you!

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