Splashdown: Planet Earth!

by Y, age 11 (Earth)/age 1111 (DooF)

I can’t believe it: I’m actually on Planet Earth!

And you know what? It was Lieutenant Trippe who got me here! Who knew he actually would’ve been able to pull off something like this?

I guess I should explain. After my dad found out about the pirates eating our noodles while Trippe sat in the cave bragging about how he’d started time again, Dad really blew an astrogasket.

He ordered Trippe and poor circuit-blown Cookbot to report back to the DSS Gastronomy right away. Well, actually, I got sort of the same message on my solar scooter’s galacto-communicator.

But then I told Dad that I’d spent the whole time warp designing and building a kitchen-rigged GastroPod that can travel ANYWHERE on Planet Earth faster than the speed of light. Not only that, I told him I have a plan for getting some new noodles.

And he totally changed his mind. Isn’t that just like a parent?

Okay, so now I have to say: “THANK YOU, Trippe, for stopping time long enough for me to find my own way to Planet Earth!”

If adults (and so-called adults) would just let kids figure stuff out on their own, the galaxy would be a lot better place.

Anyway, here I am!

I splashed down at 0700 this morning (that’s 7 am, Earth time), just off the coast of Florida, USA. I tried for the waters around Cape Canaveral, which is where the American astronauts blast off and land, but I messed up my landing a little.

According to my interplanetary GPS navigation system, I’m in the Gulf of Mexico off the shore of an island called Captiva. My gastroscope shows that there are some humans swimming right near me – and I think some of them are kids!

I’m going to go join them right now. Wish me luck!!!!

PS To learn more about me, Planet DooF and BITE (Bureau for Intelligent Transgalactic Eating), please visit this cyberspace link: http://www.foodbackwards.com/planet-doof/

See the tip of my Gastropod? It's that little white floaty thing right between the kids and the speeding boat!

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