DooFy Mission: ZeBot!

by Y-SpaceAlien Planet-DooF

What’s DooFy and striped and curious all over?

Give up? It’s my best buddy and fellow culinary explorer, ZeBot Planet-DooF!

Why is a fuzzy zebra from outer space hanging out in farmers’ market vegetable bins, artisanal cheese shops and specialty spice racks?

Because he’s on a DooFy mission to explore colorful new ways to jazz up the freshest recipes in the galaxy – and have tons of fun doing it!

Spice up your life with colorful seasonings like these: they add amazing flavor to just about EVERYTHING!

ZeBot has beamed himself down from our DooFian galaxy to team up with me for the biggest-ever culinary exploration of Planet Earth.

We’re cruising around the planet in our space-and-time-traveling GastroPod on a quest to learn about food from every possible perspective: from flavors and recipes to science, history and culture.

Recently, we visited the Fancy Food Show in Washington, D.C., where we discovered some of the most amazing foods on the planet.

The fungus among us (a.k.a. “mushrooms”) offer a galaxy of delicious possibilities!

On Planet Earth, it’s usually specially trained dogs or hungry pigs who hunt for truffles — but DooFian zebras can find them too!

How does ZeBot feel about olives? “OLOVE them!” he says (punnily, as usual).

Say “cheese,” ZeBot — it has TONS of calcium!

A close culinary encounter with another creature from outer space!

Of course, when it comes to healthy, great-tasting food, ZeBot and I are in search of ALL the answers.

As any kid will tell you, the best way to find answers is to ask lots of questions — and one of a DooFian’s favorite ways to do it is with riddles.

Here’s an example:

“Some people think I’m a vegetable, but I’m really a fruit. I taste great raw in salads or on sandwiches, or you can cook me to make pasta sauce or ketchup. Who am I?”

For the answer to this and other edible riddles (plus some cool recipes), check out our latest DooFy adventure on Planet W-S:

Riddle Me This: Fun with Fruits & Veggies

And stay tuned for more exciting adventures: next up is a DooFy encounter of the vintage kind!

ZeBot’s photos courtesy of Sheila and Ri Crye.

Text: Intergalactic © 2011 Laura Martin Bacon

Our motto: Every day, in every way, we're getting DooFier than ever!

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  1. I love Zebot. He is darling! Based on his travels I can tell he is going to develop a very supplicated palate. Please keep us informed about his ongoing adventures.
    ps. Was he in Napa this past weekend? He looks so familiar.

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