ZeBot’s Silly Spring Rolls!

by Laura (age 6) and ZeBot Planet-Doof

My friend ZeBot and I think spring rolls are silly. For one thing, it is summer now and not spring.

So why are they called spring rolls? We asked our friend Erica who writes about Vietnam.

She said it’s because they’re made with lots of fresh ingredients. And spring is a time when people are happy to have fresh food after a long winter.

Then Erica told us how to make spring rolls like they do in Vietnam.

And after that we made spring rolls!

ZeBot & I get all our yummy ingredients ready to roll!

Here’s what we did:

We first a took a dried circle of rice paper. ZeBot said it looked like a flying saucer and I told him it really was one.

So we made our rice paper circle flying saucer fly! We flew it into a bowl of water, then we swished it around until it got soft.

Water turns a crispy rice paper flying saucer into a squishy wrapper for spring rolls — it seems like magic!

A silly thing about wet rice paper: it’s soft and squishy and sort of slimy (in a good way).

You can hold it up and see right through it. Kind of like a window. Here’s looking at you, kid!

After that, we put the soft rice paper on a plate and put on all the stuff we wanted to put on it.

Erica said there are no rules.

You can put anything in a spring roll that you like. And nothing that you don’t like.

This one’s going to be for my dad! Doesn’t it look yummy?

There was a bunch of food in bowls: carrots, cucumbers, shrimp, noodles, lettuce and some fresh herbs. Plus a bunch of sauces and some other things (we weren’t sure what they were).

ZeBot and I learned that this is a traditional Vietnamese sauce for spring rolls.

We’re almost ready to rock and roll (this one is for me)!

Here’s what we put in our spring roll:

Stretchy noodles, crunchy carrots, crispy cucumbers and some soft green lettuce.

I think spring rolls are one of the silliest foods ever!

Then we folded the edges over and rolled it all up.

I’m really on a roll now! See how fast I am?

And then we ate it. It was really fun!

ZeBot and I never made spring rolls before, but we were really good at it.

How many did we make? Three! Did we eat them? Yes!

Should you try making them? Yes, for sure!

See how much energy ZeBot and I get from making spring rolls?

If you’re hungry for info about Planet DooF and ZeBot‘s Planet Earth mission with Y-SpaceAlien, just click here. And stay tuned for more adventures — see you soon!

Intergalactic © 2011 Laura Martin Bacon


8 responses to “ZeBot’s Silly Spring Rolls!

  1. I agree: spring rolls ARE silly! And when I read your story and look at your photos, it makes me want to learn how to make the silliest spring rolls ever.

    You’re a great writer, Laura!

    I’m so proud to share a name with you — and the love of learning all about fun food.

    Is it okay if I join you & ZeBot on your next adventure? I can’t wait to see what you cook up!

  2. Thanks so much for teaching me to make silly spring rolls, Laura!

    I thought I was going to be all hooves, but you gave me the confidence to try something I never knew a DooFy zebra could do. And now: I can’t wait to do it again!

    Love, ZeBot

  3. Laura and ZeBot — your spring rolls were lovely and looked delicious — you two are spring roll pros!

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