Super Salad & Awesome Apples

by Breonna (age 11), Devin (age 9) and Alanna (age 8 ) with ZeBot

We like cooking because when you want to make a snack or any food for your family for any holidays or special days or just regular days, you know how to make it. You can do it all yourself.

We know how to make a lot of great things because our grandma taught us how. We can make rice, beans, chicken, macaroni and cheese and the most amazing salad.

Our grandma taught us how to make everything, actually. She’s a really good cook! We made a very great salad in our IACP Kids-in-the-Kitchen cooking class today and ZeBot the zebra helped us. It had a lot of stuff in it.

Chopping is fun once you learn how to do it!

Making salad is super fun because we like chopping things up. Today we learned more about using a knife and making pieces all the same size. Very good cooking teachers taught us!

We also like figuring out how things work and why they do it. When we made our salad today, we found out that when you make salad dressing you can mix oil and vinegar so they go together or stay apart. The right way is so it goes together. Then it is called a “vinaigrette.” This  is a French word  for salad dressing.

Vinegar + lemon juice + oil + herbs + spices = Yummy salad dressing

We think food tastes better if it’s pretty. We tried to figure out what made our salad pretty and at first it was a mystery. Then we looked some more.

Zebot loves the salad we made. And so do we!

We decided that a lot of colors make food look pretty when it’s on a plate. Our salad had a LOT of colors. It had green, red, purple, yellow and orange. ZeBot ate the whole bowl because it was pretty AND delicious.

We can’t believe we ate the whole thing (with ZeBot’s help)!

Another thing we made smoothies. You could put in anything you want. We put in peanut butter, banana and cinnamon. It was really delicious.

The way you make smoothies smooth is to put them in the blender.

For dessert, we tried our friend Joanna’s Awesome Apples and they really were awesome. She made them be creamy and crunchy with apple slices dipped in peanut butter, then covered with sunflower seeds. Yum!

Joanna’s apple snacks were the most awesome ones ever!

ZeBot asked Joanna how she got to be a good cook even though she is a kid. She said it is just practice. And it helps if you like food.

Joanna also said a zebra should learn to cook because then it’s easy for him to make healthy stuff that tastes really good. He can also cook for his whole family of zebras and his friends.

Joanna gave ZeBot lots of good advice for cooking!

We think so too! How about if everyone gets cooking RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

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This is us with ZeBot and our friend LMB who is also Y-SpaceAlien!

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