Mamboing Up Digital DIY Fun!

ZeBot Mambo Italiano

by Sarah  & Lauren

We love cooking fun food, writing stories, taking photos and making videos, so we were super-excited when our Aunt Laura told us about a cool project called the IACP Kids’ Digital DIY Kitchen!

Basically, you just try to cook a food that you would normally buy from a store or order in a restaurant, then you either write about it and take photos or make a video.

We’ve done stuff for DooF before and really had fun. This time we decided we’d work up an appetite by looking through a bunch of cookbooks while we listened to music.

Both of us are big fans of Italian food like pasta and pizza. So we put on the most Italian music we could find, then looked for recipes that sounded good.

It was so much fun that we started dancing around! We used our iPod Touch and a free app called Video Star to make this music video (which has lots of great special effects).

Our video actually too long for the Digital DIY Kitchen project, but we thought it might give other kids some cool ideas for making their own videos. Here’s our YouTube link – we hope you like it!

ZeBot’s Mambo Italiano


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