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Planet DooF Team with Y & Z

By Y-SpaceAlien & ZeBot

Exploration comes naturally to me and my ultra-curious zebra buddy, ZeBot. Case in point: we traveled a million, billion, trillion miles across the galaxies to get to Planet Earth.

“Why?” you ask. And I say: “Hey, that’s my name—don’t wear it out!”

Seriously, though, my name actually is Y!

Okay, let’s try that question again: “Why would you guys travel all that way?”

Well, the name of our home planet will give you a clue: there is no such thing as food on Planet DOOF.

If you’re wondering how we get our energy, I’ve got one word for you: Gloop. It’s a petroleum-like substance that’s ingestible, but has no taste, smell, texture, traditions, stories or anything at all that humans would associate with food.

As you can imagine, Gloop is just NOT interesting. And poolging (sort of like what humans call “eating”) takes about a nanosecond. So you can see why we’d be so excited to find out about FOOD!

Y and Z in the GastroPod - Planet DooF

At the moment, ZeBot and I are busy learning everything we can about Planet Earth food by traveling all over the world in our GastroPod, which is a really cool kitchen-rigged time-and-space vehicle that can journey anywhere (and to any time) faster than the speed of light.

While ZeBot and I are space-and-time traveling, some of our fellow DOOFians have arrived on Earth for a super-ultra-mega-important mission: to learn all about Planet Earth food from the very best teachers of all: Planet Earth kids!

So how are Zorp and Carl going to learn all this stuff? The way DOOFians learn everything: by playing games! The name of this intergalactically great game is Planet DOOF—and it’s totally out of this world!!!!!


Here’s how it works:

Zorp and Carl, two exploration experts from Planet DOOF, have discovered that earthlings are very unique because the foods they eat aren’t found anywhere else in the entire galaxy! Of course, this totally intrigues the DOOFians, so they travel to Planet Earth to explore this mysterious stuff called “food”. On their journey, they encounter a refrigerator and a curious boy who offers to help them build a sandwich from the best and healthiest ingredients they can find. And that’s how it all begins!

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 9.41.21 AM

Planet DOOF is the very first computer game to challenge Planet Earth’s fast-food advertising with characters and scenarios that are as crazy and fun as the ones that sell cheese puffs and sugar-packed cereals on TV. The game was created with huge input from kids—and it will be distributed FREE OF CHARGE to over 200,000 children in 2013-2014!!!


By now, Zebot and I are hoping that you’re as excited as we are about Planet DOOF—and that you’ll be up for celebrating the game launch at the star-studded Terrestrial Gastronomy event this Sunday, September 8th at the Planet DOOF Earth Embassy (440 Brannan Street in San Francisco).

In addition to the game launch, this awesome family event will feature great food from Chez Panisse alum Alan Tangren and a kid-moderated school lunch discussion among food experts Shakirah Simley (Bi-Rite), Jessica Skylar (Revolution Foods) and Esperanza Pallana (Oakland Food Policy Council).

Tickets are $25 for adults (discount code ZORP), $10 for teens (discount code CARL) and FREE for kids 12 and under at planetdoof.eventbrite.com.

3-2-1…BLAST OFF!!!!

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