Planet DOOF: Now Launched & Coming to a School Near You!

Play Planet DOOF!

Yesterday’s Planet DOOF Game launch event, aka Terrestrial Gastronomy, was a huge success. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of our TG Event Team, and some very wonderful volunteers, we transformed 440 Brannan Street into the Planet DOOF Earth Embassy and filled it with supporters, team members, friends, family, educators, Doof-a-Paloozers, and most-importantly kids.


This was no DooF-a-Palooza, nor was it intended to be. As much as we loved doing those events, we’ve realized that our abilities as media, food, and education experts can serve a larger purpose through media that can take good food fun to a bigger audience. Instead of impacting thousands or even tens of thousands, our goal with Planet DOOF is to impact hundreds of thousands and even millions. The event was also an opportunity for us to spread the word about Planet DOOF, as well as a date by which we committed publicly to complete a version of the game.

Our game development team, including Lauren Hopfenbeck, Rob Beeson, Troy Norcross, Jim Allison, Joe Lang, Noah Dietterich, and Joshua McCoy put in all kids of hours to make sure we would have something to show yesterday. We’re happy and proud of the result, but as with any new product, we intend to continue tweaking and improving, and responding to your feedback until, well…as long as we can.

In addition to thanking our game team, I also want to thank Alan Tangren, our food director, who masterminded an awesome menu for yesterday’s event. My friend David Cates, who jumped in as sous chef. Andrew Ellis, of New Urban Eating, who put together a pickling demo that was appropriately out of this world.  We’re grateful to our Game Navigator kids, who journeyed from Merced and Planada to show their support, accompanied by Game Navigator partner Claudia Corchado. Tallulah Axinn, our summer intern, helped us plan and promote the event, as well as leading the School Lunch Panel; and panelists Shakirah Simley, from Bi-Rite, Esperanza Pallana, from Oakland Food Policy Council, Jessica Lioon, from Revolution Foods, and Jonathan Hernandez, from Planada were all wonderful. Laura Martin Bacon continues to be essential in promoting Planet DOOF across the social media universe to a thriving community of food professionals and food lovers who adore her posts as Planet DOOF Zebot.

We’re especially proud of the work we did with our Game Navigators to develop all our game content, from the design of our extraterrestrial characters to the game dialogue, which we created in a workshop at 826 Valencia in San Francisco, to the voices of the two main characters, 826ers Jackson Penfield (as Zorp) and Ben Friedman-Hibbs (as The Kid). For the moment, The Kid is a boy, but future versions of Planet DOOF will include both boy and girls avatars, so stay tuned…

Thanks to Bi-Rite, for sponsoring the event, and to our Planet DOOF Sponsors, the California Endowment and Newman’s Own Foundation.

If you’d like to get Planet DOOF in your school, have your kids participate in our Game Navigator program, try it out first here, then get in touch.

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