Eating a Flower

by Sarah, Age 8.

I love that there are so many flowers in the world!

Did you know you could eat a flower? Well, I didn’t. But guess what: you can!

There are some kinds of flowers that you can eat — and some you can’t. If you’re not sure, ask a grown-up which ones are okay. That’s what I did.

There’s a world of growing inside a zucchini blossom.

In fact, I ate a flower today! It was a zucchini blossom.

Where does it actually come from? In the beginning, it grows in the ground. Then when it’s ready, the farmer picks it and brings to the farmer’s market. That’s where we got ours.

When I first saw the flowers, I thought they would be gross to eat. It turns out I was kind of right.

Grandma Maryann LOVES eating flowers!

We cooked the flowers and baby zucchini with some olive oil and lemon. I liked the baby zucchini, but I didn’t like the flowers. They tasted like something, but they did not taste like ANYTHING I’ve ever had.

In a couple weeks, I’m going to try a different kind of flower. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Do you think it’s cool that you can eat a flower?

I do!

6 responses to “Eating a Flower

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  2. Sarah,

    Wow! What a great job on your first blog. Your pictures and writing were amazing. It makes we (kind of) want to try eating a flower.

    Love, Mrs. Swan

  3. Honey, thanks for sharing! It sounds really good. It looks like your grandma helped you and we all know that she is a great cook. Look forward to seeing you this summer!

  4. Sarah- I love your blog- I will show it to Sophia and Luca in hopes it will get them to try new things!!! Keep up the blogging you are so very good at it!!

  5. What a neat idea! I think our class may try to add some flowers to our garden this year. Thanks for the tip!

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