Homemade Gumbo Ya Ya!

by Mrs. C’s Young Chefs Cooking Club (ages 11-13)

What happens when you get cool kids and DooFy zebras into the kitchen for a dynamite day of gumbo-making and food blogging? Let’s find out!

Want to make food more fun than ever? Try blogging about it!

Go for the gumbo!

by Ashleigh, age 12

Today, we’re making gumbo. I’ve never had it before. It sounds okay, but I think the name is funny. Mrs. C said it comes from an African word for a vegetable I’ve never tried: okra. That sounds funny too!

I’ve been cooking since I was eight. The first thing I cooked was scrambled eggs. My older brothers taught me because they said that’s the easiest thing to learn.

The coolest thing is how eggs change. When you first crack an egg into the pan, it just looks like a regular egg inside. Then the white of it turns kind of yellow and the texture goes from slimy to normal and then it turns into scrambled eggs. That’s why cooking is magic!

Zebras need onion protection gear — but I am INVINCIBLE!

I know how to be cool in the kitchen — even when the heat is on!

by Logan, age 11

First of all,  I am invincible. I say that because when I rub my eyes after I cut onions I don’t tear up.  When we made gumbo, I chopped onions with no goggles. That makes me feel INVINCIBLE!

ZeBot and his DooFy cousin ZakBot gear up for onion chopping!

If zebras can cut up onions and write about food, just think what cool kids can do!

by Ninja Monkey (aka Joey), age 11

We cut up meat and we diced onions. I started crying so much because every time I cut up onions I cry. Even though I put on onion goggles, I still cried, but I kept chopping till I was done. Then I cut up celery into bite-sized pieces.

Now I’m watching my friend Clarence play cooking games online which is not as good as real cooking, but it can teach you recipes.

And then you can cook more food and be a great chef if you want.

Zebras go gaga for gumbo — and loco for hot sauce!

It’s getting hot in here!

by Tati, age 13

We’re cooking chicken for our Gumbo Ya Ya right now. We had to cut it into one-inch pieces. Our cooking teacher Mrs. C. told us to measure by putting two fingers over the meat and then cut carefully with a knife. That will make a one-inch piece.

Then we had to take a paper bag and put flour in it, then put in the chicken and we shook it up. Now we’re frying the chicken. It’s on the fire right now. It sounds sizzly – and that’s a good thing.

Speaking of sizzling: I was feeding hot sauce to ZeBot. He went loco!

ZeBot dared me to drink a spoonful of hot sauce. And I went gaga!

P.S. I also made a  smoothie out of blueberries, strawberries, peaches and orange juice. It was really good.

Making gumbo is one great way to make a great chef!

by Clarence, age 12

I first learned to cook when I turned ten. The first thing I remember cooking was goulash. It had noodles, sauce and hamburger. It had a really good flavor, it wasn’t clummy or mushy – the texture was just right. It wasn’t watery either. It was just thick enough. It wasn’t real nasty, just real good. It really had this great flavor of tomato, garlic and cheese.

I like cooking and playing cooking games online. I will be a great chef someday!

Holding a knife with hooves can be tricky — but practice makes perfect!

Learn to cook — you’ll love it!

by Ella, age 12

My job to do with gumbo (which sounds like jumbo) is to cut up the meat (chicken and sausage). I like cutting things because it gives me the confidence to be a professional cook or make great food when I have any children or a family.

It’s so cool feeling all the slimy chicken. Sometimes it can be really gross touching the raw meat, but I like it. So if you have any cooking classes in your school, I would consider registering in it! 🙂

At first I felt scared using the knife, because I was afraid it would cut me. But now I feel confident in cutting because Mrs. C taught me how to cut. And now I know I won’t get cut!

Frozen fruit smoothies are so COOL!

 by Jaylin, age 11

I’m taking this cooking class because I want to learn how to cook. Because when I get older I’ll need to know how to cook. Also, I think cooking is fun.

Right now we’re having fruit smoothies that some other kids in our class made. It’s good: it feels cold and smooth in my mouth.

We just had some gumbo, and it had meat and vegetables and rice. It was okay. I would have rather had just gumbo without rice. I don’t really like brown rice, but I like yellow rice. Maybe I’ll make it with that next time. I had a good time!

Let’s stir up some fun!

Kendra know how to serve up gumbo in style!

by Aleema, age 12 and Jada, age 11

Stirring gumbo is fun! It was delicious. (Actually, we haven’t tried it yet, but it smells delicious.)

Zebras love homemade gumbo — and so do we!

Yikes: this is hot, hot, HOT — and we love it!

by Cheryce, age 12

Today we did Gumbo Ya Ya, I helped cook the Okra. I did not help cook the Gumbo part with the meats and vegetables, but I know everything will turn out good.

Ever since I started this cooking class, I loved the healthy and delicious foods. I like learning skills every Tuesday! Cooking is a great hobby for everyone. I encourage you try it!

As much fun to say as it is to make: GUMBO YA YA!

by Marilyn age 13

I have always wanted to make jambalaya. I have never tried it but found out it about from a movie I watched called Princess and the Frog. I don’t really know what it is but it looked really good. I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans and go to the Mardis Gras just like in the Princess and the Frog.

Today we’re making Gumbo Ya Ya which sounds like jambalaya. I hope it tastes almost like jambalaya so I can try something new.

P.S. Hey, I just found out that Ya Ya is almost like saying wahoo!!!!! It means a party. So Gumbo Ya Ya means gumbo party!

My whole family goes bananas when I bake my special bread for them!

by Nadjah, age 12

My parents always tell me that I have to learn how to cook. And now I’m in a cooking class and I bring home all kinds of recipes. One time I made banana bread for my family. They really liked it and they always want to me make it over and over again. It makes me feel really proud of myself. And now my parents DO know I can cook!

PS: Now I can make great gumbo, too!

There’s nothing like a kitchen from a zebra’s-eye view (and ZeBot’s riding high)!

Young Chefs’ rules of cooking: written by kids, for kids!

by ZeBot and his DooFy cousin ZakBot

Being a zebra is fun, but it can be challenging to cook when you’re all hooves. But thanks to Mrs. C and her super-cool kids’ cooking club, we’re learning to be master chefs!

Food blogging is a blast!

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  1. I am excited to read all of your comments! The food you make sounds delicious, and I know you have a wonderful teacher. Mrs. C is my sister, and she is one of the best cooks I know. You were sure lucky to have a visit from ZeBot and ZakBot ~ some of the most colorful and fun food reviewers in the world!

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