DooF Kids’ Food Blogging

We’re proud to offer the first kids’ food blogging program – connecting young food lovers around the planet (and beyond).

To get started on your own cool food blog, just follow our How-To guide – it’s super-easy and lots of fun!

To submit your blog to DooF, email it to our blogging program’s founder, DooF Culinary Creative Director, Laura Martin Bacon at

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DooFy blogger Jenny Smit in the DooF-a-Palooza iDooF Multimedia Zone

Hurray for Kid Reporters!

We think kids are the best reporters around. They share our DooFy way of looking at life from a wide range of perspectives: backwards, forwards, sideways, right-side-up, upside-down and inside-out. Since kids naturally view the world this way – examining each facet of life from every possible angle – it makes sense that they’d want to learn about food using this same creative approach

Chronicling adventures in food encourages kids to actively and creatively engage with real-life experiences that nourish a unique set of skills and pleasures. The combination of creative writing and photography engages all parts of the brain, empowering kids to experience and understand their chosen subjects in an exciting new way.

Since kids’ imaginations and free time are understandably captivated by an ever-growing proliferation of electronic gadgets, our approach creates a natural synergy that invites them to share their hands-on experiences using the latest media.

When it comes to making good food fun, the DooFy possibilities are endless!

 An Exciting World of DooFy Subjects

At DooF, we understand that every kid is different – and you never know which facet of food will captivate a particular child’s interest and imagination. The most meaningful learning experiences often occur when a person is truly engaged and having fun. In other words: creative play can be one of the most effective paths to lifelong learning.

To motivate kids to embark on this exciting journey, we provide imaginative ways to help them take the first steps. Once a kid becomes enthusiastic about a particular culinary subject, an interest in other aspects of food will naturally follow.

With this in mind, some examples of DooFy subjects include:

Food Sources: From growers, ranchers and fishermen to artisanal food producers and chefs.

Food Ecology: Sustainable food production, the ethics of eating – and cooking up a “green kitchen.”

Food Prep: Ingredients, recipes and culinary techniques.

Food Craft: Culinary DIY – celebrating the pleasures of homemade

Food Science: Portraying the kitchen as a cool chemistry lab.

Food Legends & Lore: The stories behind the world’s favorite foods.

Food Art: Encouraging kids to learn by drawing, painting, sculpting and filming culinary subjects.

Food Geography: Exploring the world using food as a vehicle.

Food History & Culture: Tracing foods back through time and exploring regional food traditions.

Food, Fitness & Nutrition: Food as supercool fuel and a delicious way to stay healthy.

Blast off to Planet DooF!

We combine first-person narratives written by Y (our 11-year-old space alien from Planet DooF, where food does not exist) with blogs by creative Earth kids to provide a multi-faceted understanding of the who, what, how, where and why of food.

Together with her faithful companion, ZeBot the DooFian zebra, Y chronicles her culinary explorations via a series of blogs featuring everything from real-life adventures and observations to interviews with well-known personalities in the food world.

The ever-curious Y and ZeBot are on a secret mission for BITE (Bureau of Intelligent Transgalactic Eating), happily exploring everything from food science and culinary techniques to food history, culture and ecological concepts.

ZeBot helps kids discover the colorful fun of fresh fruits & veggies!

Using an anthropological methodology – where kids are reading and interacting with a peer-group space alien who knows nothing about our food culture – makes it okay to pose questions and provide information that might otherwise seem overly obvious. This allows DooF to reach a broader audience demographic, appealing to kids of different ages, educational levels and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Best of all: it makes good food really fun – whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart.

Make friends with Y-SpaceAlien Planet-Doof and ZeBot Planet-Doof on Facebook!

If you’d like to check out an intergalactic radio interview with Y and ZeBot, click here.

Y-SpaceAlien with Culinarily Curious Kids at DooF-a-Palooza

Healthy eating is a cinch when you get advice from food policy guru Marion Nestle!

ZeBot learns the art of mise en place from Leah and Val at the Food Network test kitchens.

ZeBot learns to wok up fresh, healthy flavors with Stir-Fry Guru Grace Young!

Once upon a time, a culinarily curious zebra learned the secrets to food writing from his friend Ruth Reichl — and wrote happily ever after!

ZeBot learns four important culinary words from YouTube's legendary Chef Dennis: fresh, local, sustainable and YUM!

ZeBot learns four important culinary words from YouTube’s legendary Chef Dennis Feray: fresh, local, sustainable and YUM!

ZeBot learns about Maryland cooking with Chef Bryan Voltaggio

ZeBot explores the history of food in the USA at the “What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam” exhibit at the National Archives in Washington D.C.

ZeBot judges a kids’ baking contest at the San Mateo County Fair

ZeBot gets horticultural with French Laundry Culinary Gardener Aaron Keefer


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