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Planet Doof – Activity Sheets 

An educational supplement to the Planet DOOF game from


Things You Should Know About Planet DOOF

Planet DOOF is an educational computer game that teaches your child where healthy food comes from. By playing Planet DOOF, your child can draw a deeper connection to and greater enjoyment from the healthy foods we want them to eat.

Kids play Planet DOOF by teaching extraterrestrial characters (ET’s) about the cool food here on Earth. On Planet DOOF, kids grow and gather such foods as avocados, tomatoes, lettuce, bread and turkey as they prepare a healthy snack for their ET friends.

Planet DOOF is designed to be as simple and accessible for your child to play, just download the Unity Game Engine on the Planet DOOF page and you’re ready to play!

The Story of Planet DOOF

Zorp and Carl are from a planet where there’s no such thing as “food.”  On their journey they encounter a refrigerator and a curious boy who offers to help them build a sandwich from the best and healthiest ingredients they can find.

Designed by Kids for Kids

Over the past year, our team has collaborated with kids across California (Fresno, Merced, Planada, Riverside, Castro Valley and Berkeley) to source content for the game including artwork, dialogue and voice recordings.

Real Decision Making

Planet DOOF presents kids with a choice of ingredients for their sandwich, some are healthy and others are not. As they make these choices they learn about how the foods are grown, created and sourced and are rewarded according the how healthy their sandwich is and how good they are at the games required to gather ingredients.

About Doof

DOOF (F-O-O-D spelled backwards) is a San Francisco-based organization that creates media designed to make healthy food fun for kids. Over the past year, our team has been developing the Planet DOOF game with the help of some amazing partners, including the California Endowment and Newman’s Own Foundation, and schools throughout California.