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is pleased to partner with Planet DOOF to promote healthy eating. If you discovered Planet DOOF from reading the special Planet DOOF page in Kid Scoop News, welcome!

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Planet Doof – Teacher Guide 

An educational supplement to the Planet DOOF game.

Planet DOOF is a computer game that teaches kids 8-12 where healthy foods come from. By playing this game kids draw a deeper connection to and greater enjoyment from the fresh foods we want them to eat. Kids learn how to grow and harvest foods such as avocados, tomatoes, lettuce, whole wheat bread and turkey. Planet DOOF is designed to enhance the experiences of kids with access to real gardens and offer inspiration to those who don’t. Kids play Planet DOOF by teaching extraterrestrial characters (ET’s) about the cool food here on Earth. On Planet DOOF, kids explore the magic of food as they prepare a healthy snack for their ET friends. Planet DOOF is designed to be as simple and accessible for your students to play, just download the Unity Game Engine on the Planet DOOF page and you’re ready to play!

The Story of Planet DOOF

Zorp and Carl are from a planet where there’s no such thing as “food.”  On their journey they encounter a refrigerator and a curious boy who offers to help them build a sandwich from the best and healthiest ingredients they can find.

Planet Doof is FREE

If you work at a school, you and your students can have access to the world of Planet DOOF free of charge! We don’t think food education should cost a penny, so we have worked hard to make sure you can play Planet DOOF at no cost.

Start With the Basics

Like all academic concepts, nutrition education works by building upon previously learned topics. Planet DOOF makes learning food education concepts easy and super fun! By having the player control their food choices by interacting with the sourcing of different foods, learning what is healthy versus what is unhealthy becomes much clearer.

Involve Families

With this lesson plan there is a letter to parents, which you can print and copy for your students. It informs families about your nutrition education activities and explains how they can reinforce learning by playing Planet DOOF at home.

Complement Your Lesson Plan

Already teaching your students food education concepts? Planet DOOF can be a great addition to your lesson plan. As you know, not all students learn in the same way, and different methods of teaching can help you and your students achieve the results you want. Through interactive game play Planet DOOF works with your lesson plan to show students, through their own actions, why choosing healthy food is better.

About Doof

DOOF (F-O-O-D spelled backwards) is a San Francisco-based organization that creates media designed to make healthy food fun for kids. Over the past year, our team has been developing the Planet DOOF game with the help of some amazing partners, including the California Endowment and Newman’s Own Foundation, and schools throughout California.