Animal Themed Recipes

I’m usually not one to make cutesy recipes. I’m just not that creative. Plus I am optimistic (dumb?) enough to expect that kids might eat food that simply tastes good. Yes, I have heard that people eat with their eyes first. That doesn’t mean that I make ugly food (at least not on purpose). I just don’t usually put in an extra effort to make it adorable.


Making Cat Treats

That said, kids do appreciate a little extra effort in the food department. Whether I give it a cool name or tell a story about where it comes from, kids seem to be more interested in giving it a try.

In my cooking classes for kids, I have fun themes for our classes. We have eaten our way around the world, have cooked recipes from our favorite books and movies, and this fall we have a zoo in the kitchen…in name only, of course. My kids, in particular, love animals. Instead of taking ordinary foods and making them into animal shapes, I decided to give slight changes to the names of food, so that they have animal-themed names instead.

Continue reading for some ideas of how to re-name the foods that you are already making, so that your kids get excited to consume them!

Michelle Stern, DooF’s Community Outreach Director, owns What’s Cooking, a certified green company that offers cooking classes for children in the San Francisco Bay Area. When she isn’t in the kitchen or at the computer, she’s the head chauffeur for her two children, dog walker to her two mutts, and chicken feeder for her backyard flock.