Mike Axinn

Creator, Executive Producer

1dda6c3Mike created DOOF in 2005 by gathering an amazing team of entertainment, food, education, and health care professionals. Soon after, DOOF received its first grant from the Alameda County Public Health Department to create a video-based food curriculum for children in the Oakland Unified School District. In 2007, Mike partnered with a team at Google to create DooF-a-Palooza, a unique festival of hands-on food activities that has brought good food fun to over 25,000 families.

In addition to DOOF, Mike is the founder and CEO of One to One Box, a video production company that creates precisely crafted videos to bring attention to business innovation and expand the potential of video online. As a digital content professional, Mike has done groundbreaking work on behalf of such companies as Nokia, Google, Facebook, Skywalker Sound, 20th Century Fox, Genentech, and the Network For a Healthy California. He received his MFA in film, with highest honors, from California College of the Arts, and a BA from the University of Chicago.

Alan Tangren

Food Director, Board Member

2248_74357722672_2052_nBorn and raised in California, Alan’s interest in food was fostered early on. As a child he spent the summers on his family’s farm in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains near Grass Valley, where his great-grandparents had settled in 1902. The primary activity at the farm was the growing of tree fruit, particularly peaches, nectarines, plums, apples, and pears. On the farm, Alan learned to appreciate the qualities of the wide variety of fresh, perfectly ripe fruits available from the orchard. And his happiest hours were those spent at his grandmother’s side in the kitchen.

Turning his interest in food into a life, Alan worked with Alice Waters at Chez Panisse from 1982 until 2004. He cooked in the upstairs café, on the salad and pizza line, and later helped supervise the café kitchen. He also spent several years cooking in the downstairs restaurant with Chef Paul Bertolli and Alice.

From 1991 to 1997 he was the forager for the café and restaurant. As forager he initiated and sustained relationships with many of the farmers, ranchers, and other suppliers, who with their high quality products helped shape the style of cooking at the restaurant.

In 1997 Alan became co-pastry chef for Chez Panisse. In that role he was responsible for planning dessert menus for both the restaurant and the café, their execution, and for obtaining the organic produce and other ingredients used.

In 2000 Alan began working with Mike Axinn and others on a kid’s food program, which has evolved into the present day Doof. As Food Director he works in many areas, including liaison with local farmers and restaurants, composing kid-friendly recipes, creating fun food activities, and posting the occasional blog.

Laura Martin Bacon

Culinary Creative Director/Intergalactic Zebra Ambassador

2ee4957A longtime writer and creative consultant for Williams-Sonoma and many other well-known culinary entities, Laura is in charge of finding the magic in good food – and making it fun for kids and families. As the founder of the award-winning ZeKids’s Food Blogging Program, she spends much of her time in and out of kitchens with kids and zebras. We hope you’ll invite your favorite kids to join in the creative fun! In addition to Laura’s life on Planet DooF, she is the co-chair of IACP Kids in the Kitchen (a division of The Culinary Trust) — and  an active member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP), the Culinary Historians of Northern California, Slow Food, the San Francisco Professional Food Society and The Bakers Dozen. Her written work has appeared in numerous print and online publications around the country.

Rob Beeson

Game Designer

117ea2eRob is a talented Game Designer who is passionate about teaching through fun. His knowledge of game mechanics and player motivations has guided the game towards a truly scalable platform that kids will love to play and share. He has worked with AKQA, 2K Games and PlayHaven.

Jim Allison


218e8e6Jim is an Oakland based freelance artist who works in live action and animation production. Creator, executive producer Mike Axinn and Marketing and Education Director Lauren Hopfenbeck brought Jim on as the lead character design and visual development artist for the Planet DOOF game.

Joe Lang



Joe is currently studying Game and Simulation Programming at DeVry University. Despite being in school Joe has acted as lead game developer on several projects and holds 4 years of programming experience. He is enthusiastic about creating games that are intuitive to the player and we are so proud to work with Joe on the Planet DOOF project.

Joshua McCoy


CartoonJosh is the DOOF team technical artist. He is responsible for converting all artwork to the proper format, as well as animating the artwork. He is 1.5 semesters away from his Bachelor’s degree in Game and Simulations Programming.
During his free time, Josh is a freelance Graphic designer under Undiscovered Realm. His goal is to leave a mark on the games industry before he retires to teach software engineering to high school students.

Noah Dietterich

Web Designer / Developer

2707fc4Noah is a freelance web designer and developer based in Los Angeles. Since 2010 he has been working to make the web a more beautiful place, under the banner of Skydive Design. His clients include musicians, fashion designers, filmmakers, sports teams, and businesses big and small. He loves palindromes and long walks on the beach.